Voting in the 2017 General Election

Election day is Saturday 23 September, and voting begins on Monday 11 September. Make sure your voice is heard by enrolling and voting in this year’s election.

When and where you can vote

You can vote from Monday 11 September to Friday 22 September at any advance voting place. You can also enrol, check or update your details at the same time.

On election day, Saturday 23 September, all voting places will be open from 9.00am to 7.00pm. You must be enrolled by Friday 22 September. You cannot enrol on election day itself.

Information about where and when to vote, and who you can vote for, will be available from Wednesday 30 August on this website or by calling 0800 36 76 56. It will also be included in your EasyVote pack.

You can vote at any voting place in the country, but you may need to fill in an extra form if you vote outside your electorate.

How to vote

If you have an EasyVote card take it with you when you go to vote and give it to the person issuing your voting paper. It will help them find you on the electoral roll. They will ask you to confirm your name and give you your voting paper.

If you don’t have an EasyVote card, you will need to tell the person issuing your vote your full name and address. There will be someone at the voting place to show you what to do and where to go.



Using your voting paper

Take your voting paper to the private voting screen. Each voter has a party vote and an electorate vote. On your voting paper, place a tick by the name of the political party of your choice and a tick by the name of the candidate you would most like to represent your local area.

You get to choose from the same list of political parties whether you are on the General roll or Māori roll. If you are on the Māori roll you will vote for a candidate standing in a Māori electorate and if you are on the General roll you will vote for a candidate standing in a General electorate.

The party vote largely decides the total number of seats each political party gets in Parliament. Parties with a bigger share of the party vote will get more seats in Parliament.

Last updated: 31 July 2017