Working at the 2017 general election

The Electoral Commission is recruiting for roles in New Zealand’s biggest community event – the next general election. This is a great opportunity to be involved in a vital part of our democracy while developing new skills and experiences. The work is important, exciting and satisfying.  

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Role Starts Duration Description Remuneration
Returning Officers (64)

Feb 2017

Recruitment closed
Returning Officers will work approximately eight weeks intermittent work, including receiving training, and then 12 weeks full time around Election Day – about eight weeks before and four weeks after. Returning Officers will assist the Chief Electoral Officer to prepare for and conduct the general election within their designated electorate under the direction of a Regional Manager and in accordance with National Standards. Fixed fee of $33,833 based on $84,042 per annum plus an hourly rate of $40.30 for time spent finding voting places
Manager Operations (70 approx)  and Manager Human Resources (64)

March 2017

Advertising begins February 2017

Managers will work approximately 12 weeks full time (8 weeks before election day and 4 weeks after)

One week training in June/July 2017. Some intermittent duties are likely before the full time period
They assist the Returning Officers to manage preparations and conduct of the general election including the early count of advance votes, the processing of special declaration votes, the scrutiny of the rolls and the official count. $57,458 per annum or $27.55 per hour
Trainers (126+)

June 2017

Advertising begins  May 2017
Trainers will work up to five weeks part-time  before Election Day often outside normal business hours and on weekends Trainers are responsible for delivering prescribed training to advance vote and election day staff.  They need to be experienced in training delivery with the ability to apply national training strategies and material. $49,428 per annum or $23.70 per hour
Team Leaders, Advance Voting Staff and Administrative Support (approx 3,000)

July 2017 until all roles are filled

Advertising begins June 2017

Team Leaders, Advance Voting Staff and Administrative Support will work as required before, on and/or after Election Day

Team Leaders, Advance Voting Staff and Administrative Support undertake many duties including assisting with the distribution of supplies, data entry, advance vote issuing and vote counting.

Team Leaders - $43,172 per annum or $20.70 per hour.

Advance Voting Place Managers (AVPM) - $41,712 per annum or $20.00 per hour.

Advance voting staff and Administrative Support - $37,541 per annum or $18.00 per hour.

Election Day Staff (approx 15,000)

July 2017 until all roles are filled

Advertising begins June 2017
Election Day Staff will complete mandatory training (usually in evenings or on weekends) and will work on Election Day Election Day Staff require varying skills and attributes depending on the role.  Voting Place Managers require good management skills and the ability to be decisive and directive when needed.  Other Election Day Staff need good customer service skills and the ability to follow detailed instructions. Fee paid for training and work on the day.  Value is dependent on election day role


Last updated: 08 February 2017