Working at the 2017 general election

The Electoral Commission is recruiting for roles in New Zealand’s biggest community event – the next general election. This is a great opportunity to be involved in a vital part of our democracy while developing new skills and experiences. The work is important, exciting and satisfying.



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Role Recruitment starts Duration Description Pay
Team Leaders and Administrative Support (approx 3,000)

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Work as required before, on and/or after Election Day.

Team Leaders are primarily responsible for leading teams of people through the early count of advance votes, scrutiny of the roll, dual vote investigations and the official count.

Administrative Support staff provide support to Managers and Team Leaders and may undertake many duties including assisting with the distribution of supplies, data entry and vote counting.

Team Leaders - $21.50 per hour. (equivalent to $44,840 per annum)

Administrative Support - $19.00 per hour (equivalent to $39,626 per annum).

Advance Voting Staff

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Work as required before, on and/or after Election Day, starting from Monday 11 September. Advance Voting Staff are primarily responsible for issuing votes, assisting voters to enrol at advance voting places, and providing voters with good customer service.

Advance Voting Place Managers (AVPM) - $21.50 per hour (equivalent to $44,840 per annum).

Advance voting staff - $19.00 per hour (equivalent to $39,626 per annum).

Election Day Staff (approx 15,000)

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Election Day Staff will attend training (usually evenings or on weekends) and will work on Election Day, Saturday 23 September. Election Day Staff require varying skills and attributes depending on the role. Voting Place Managers require good management skills and the ability to be decisive and directive when needed. Other Election Day Staff need good customer service skills and the ability to follow detailed instructions. Fees paid for election day and advance voting roles are available here.
Last updated: 31 July 2017