This page is for people working at the 2018 Northcote by-election.


Thank you for wanting to work at the 2018 Northcote by-election.

To get ready for your face-to-face training, you need to complete some eLearning. 

Begin your eLearning

To access the eLearning website, simply click the link below.

A few things before you begin

What device should I use?

You will need to use a computer or tablet to complete your eLearning modules. They have not been designed for use on phones.

Do I need anything to complete my eLearning?

  • Your username and password. These we included in the training letter you received from your HR manager. If you can’t find them, contact your electorate headquarters, email or call the eLearning Helpdesk.
  • Your Personal Instruction Manual. It will provide you with the information necessary to complete the activities. If you haven’t received your copy, you can download an electronic version from the eLearning website.
  • Speakers or headphones. The eLearning courses include video and audio.

My eLearning courses are not loading or working properly.

If you experience issues with the eLearning courses not loading or not working, you can email or from 17 May you can call the eLearning Helpdesk. 

The eLearning Helpdesk is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Their number is available on the help page inside your eLearning.

We have also provided some information below – just click on the header to see the information.

Need help?

  • I'm on the eLearning website - what now?

    1. Login using your username and password. These were provided in the letter you received from us. Remember, your username and password are case sensitive.

    2. When you login, the first thing you need to do is accept your job offer.

    3. Follow the instructions and complete all of your required courses.

  • Internet connection unreliable or interrupted message

    If this alert appears on your screen while you are completing your eLearning, press the ‘Ok’ button for the window to disappear, then continue. When you finish your training module, check that it’s marked as complete.

  • Adobe Flash content blocked

    Your computer may block Adobe Flash content used by the eLearning system and display an error message. If this happens, click on Activate Adobe Flash and follow the instructions.

  • Pop-up window blocked

    Your computer may block pop-up windows where the eLearning website is opening some content. If this happens, click ‘Allow pop-ups for’.

  • The training videos don't work

    Videos might take a few seconds to load.

    If you experience any issues viewing the videos, try clicking on the link provided underneath the video player.

  • No sound when viewing training videos

    Check if the speakers or your headphones are correctly connected to the computer.

    1. You can adjust the volume in the lower left corner of the video player.

    2. You should also check the speaker volume, by clicking the speaker icon in the lower left corner of your screen.

    3. Turn on closed captions by clicking the 'Subtitles' icon on the bottom right corner of the video player.

  • Forgot my username or password

    Your username and password were provided in your training letter. You will not be able to change or reset your username or password.

    If you have forgotten your username or password, check the letter you received from us. If you cannot find it, contact your HQ for assistance, or from 17 May you can contact the eLearning Helpdesk.

  • More assistance required

    If you are experiencing any other issues with your eLearning sessions email us at


Last updated: 08 May 2018