Displaying Election Signs

Local authorities are responsible for regulating when, where and how signs, including election signs can be displayed. Candidates and parties should consult with their local authority about the rules in their area before putting up any election signs.

Timing and Size

The Electoral Act 1993 allows for election signs up to three square metres in size to be put up in the two months before election day.

This provision overrides any more restrictive local authority rules about size and timing of the display of signs.

Any local authority rules about things like application procedures and the location and density of signs still apply.

Larger signs may be put up if local authority rules allow.

Signs may be put up earlier if local authority rules allow.

It is an offence under the Electoral Act to display election signs on election day. There is no other restriction in the Act on when electoral signs may be displayed.

Last updated: 27 November 2012