Party Loans Exceeding $30,000

Parties are required to make immediate disclosure within 10 working days of receipt to the Electoral Commission of every loan entered into that:

  • Has a loan amount exceeding $30,000; or
  • When aggregated with other loan amounts provided by the same lender in the last 12 months, exceeds $30,000 (section 214F of the Electoral Act).

The Return of Party Loans Exceeding $30,000 form to make the disclosure can be downloaded below.

The relevant law is set out in sections 211 to 214J of the Electoral Act 1993. Duly completed returns are available for inspection at the Electoral Commission's offices. A summary of returns filed with the Electoral Commission are provided in the table below.

Recipient party, total loan amount, date return received Lender's name and address Date loan entered into Return

Conservative Party of New Zealand


31 October 2014

Colin Craig

130 Fairview Avenue

Fairview Heights

Auckland 0632

17 October 2014 Conservative Party Loan 31 October 2014 (PDF 678.94 KB)



Last updated: 02 May 2017