Summary table of approved applications for supply of enrolment information

This page provides details of applications received and approved by the Commission From 1 March 2016 for the supply of an electronic list of electors to designated state sector organisations for human health or scientific research purposes under section 112 of the Electoral Act 1993.  

Date of request Health or scientific research Requester Summary of research
8/11/2017 Scientific University of Otago Research into the youth vote in Dunedin
6/10/2017 Scientific Ministry of Justice Research that provides information about the nature and extent of crime and victimisation in New Zealand
29/08/2017 Health Otago University Research into local government alcohol policy, patterns of drinking and experience of alcohol-related harm
25/08/2017 Scientific Victoria University New Zealand Election Study
10/8/2017 Scientific Regenerate Christchurch Research into the community's preference for uses of the Otakaro river
1/8/2017 Health Massey University

Centre for Public Health Research epidemiological study.

11/7/2017 Scientific Reserve Bank

Research into how New Zealand adults use cash, their attitudes to cash and cash substitutes.

19/07/2017 Scientific Te Mangai Paho Research which measures the extent to which New Zealand audiences are watching Maori programmes and the impact of  Maori programming on their learning of Te Reo Maori and their awareness of Maori culture.
12/07/2017 Scientific Christchurch City Council Research with regard to the health of Christchurch's waterways
22/06/2017 Health University of Auckland Maori identity and financial attitudes survey including self-reported health behaviours and psychological health and well-being.
14/06/2017 Scientific States Services Commission Kiwi Count Survey
02/06/2017 Health Massey University Investigation into controllable lifestyle factors in post-menopausal women which may predispose them to various issues.
26/04/2017 Health Canterbury District Health Board Canterbury Wellbeing Survey
18/04/2017 Scientific Oranga Tamariki Research into New Zealanders' beliefs, opinions, attitudes and behaviour regarding child and youth vulnerability and wellbeing.
13/04/2017 Scientific University of Canterbury Research into public perceptions of surrogacy.
09/03/2017 Scientific University of Auckland Research into examining social networks in New Zealand. 
13/02/2017 Health Sport New Zealand Survey to understand participation in sport and physical activity in order to support strategic planning, policy and decision making and inform future interventions.
3/02/2017 Scientific Regenerate Christchurch Research which will identify the social and economic needs of the greater Christchurch community in relation to regeneration plans.
3/02/2017 Scientific University of Otago Research on the impact that a University of Otago student directed campaign had on voter turnout for the 2013 and 2016 Dunedin local elections.
31/01/2017 Health University of Otago Health study research with regard to the perceived barriers to public parks by older adults in the Wellington area (a mixed method study).
15/12/2016 Health University of Canterbury Health study into the usage and purchasing habits with regard to dietary supplements and natural health products.
25/11/2016 Health Massey University Investigating barriers to the usability of Housing Health Improvement services to improve New Zealanders' health.
15/11/2016 Health University of Auckland New Zealand Attitudes and Values Survey.
7/11/2016 Health Ministry of Health Health research into a range of healthcare matters such as use of health services, patient experience, tobacco use and mental health.
14/10/2016 Scientific Auckland University of Technology Study to examine the the organisational and personal factors that impact on employee (nurses) outcomes within the context of organisational change within the health sector.
10/10/2016 Scientific Otago Regional Council Scientific research to investigate resident's attitudes and beliefs on water and water bodies in Otago.
16/09/2016 Health University of Canterbury Health research into the role of xenoestrogen combinations as breast cancer risk factors.
12/09/2016 Health University of Auckland Research looking at population prevalence of intimate partner violence in New Zealand, documenting the link between intimate partner violence experience and health outcomes and providing an evidence base for government policy development.
01/09/2016 Scientific NZ Police Survey to examine the general public's level of trust and confidence in the Police, their perceptions of safety in their communities and their satisfaction with Police service delivery in order to assist Police to develop policies and practices aimed at improving service delivery.
22/08/2016 Health WorkSafe NZ Research programme into workers' and employers’ attitudes and behaviour with regard to health and safety in the work force with a particular focus on high risk sectors. 
17/08/2016 Health Canterbury District Health Board Wellbeing Survey focusing on understanding Christchurch residents' quality of life and whether there are any gaps in the recovery services being offered, what the primary earthquake related stressors in the region are, and understanding how engaged residents are with the different phases of earthquake recovery.
05/08/2016 Scientific Auckland University of Technology Study to examine the organisational and personal factors that impact on nurses outcomes within the context of organisational change within the health sector.
02/08/2016 Scientific Māori Television Research on the key indicators to language acquisition and the impact Māori broadcasting has on the revitalisation of te reo Māori.
12/07/2016 Scientific Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment National Consumer Survey research on consumers knowledge and confidence in the consumer protection regulatory system.
01/07/2016 Scientific University of Waikato Research to develop methods and to describe and measure the impact of non-indigenous species on New Zealand's marine bio-diversity.
28/06/2016 Scientific Te Mangai Paho Research which measures the extent to which New Zealand audiences are watching Maori programmes and the impact of Maori programming on their learning of Te Reo Maori and their awareness of Maori culture.
16/06/2016 Scientific University of Auckland To examine attitudes towards the role of government in New Zealand as part of the 2016 International Social Survey Programme.
15/06/2016 Scientific Victoria University Research into Pakeha oral history/intergenerational family memory.
24/05/2016 Health University of Otago Survey with regard to personal exposure to risk factors associated with the development of cancer and the outcomes of cancer treatments.
18/05/2016 Scientific Auckland Council Survey to provide information on the current status of older people in Auckland to assist with policy, planning and identify gaps in service with regard to transport, housing, employment, healthcare and recreation.
04/05/2016 Health Massey University Research into problem gambling - a study of community level harm from gambling which is funded by the Ministry of Health.
03/05/2016 Health University of Auckland To invite individuals to participate in a human health research project into the rise in oral cancers related to HPV to better understand why this is happening.
02/03/2016 Health Massey University Survey of persons aged 55+  to provide information on issues such as health, work, retirement and housing as part of a biennial Health, Work and Retirement study.
02/03/2016 Scientific Department of Conservation Survey to measure the size and structure of the Department of Conservation visitor market and key monitoring measures to inform conservancy and national level planning and monitoring for public conservation land.
Last updated: 14 November 2017