Keep Your Enrolment up to Date

Every year thousands of New Zealanders make changes to their lives.  They move house, they marry, they change their name or occupation.  Many return from overseas or move away temporarily.

It is important to keep your enrolment details up to date so  you can take part in elections, referendums and petitions.

It is easy to keep your enrolment up to date as your details change particularly if you make a redirection order with NZ Post.  If any of our letters to you are "returned to sender" then you will have to enrol again.

What should I do if I move house, change my name or occupation?

You must inform your Registrar of Electors by filling in an enrolment form.   Simply click here to enrol or update your details and we'll either send you the printed copy, or you can download your own, to check, sign and send back.

If you would like to update your enrolment details electronically, please click here.

If you have previously chosen to update your enrolment details electronically, click here to log on and change your address details online.

If you would like to update your details electronically in the future please click here.

If you have not consented to updating your enrolment details electronically you can update your details here.

What do I do when there's an enrolment update campaign?

It’s always important to be ready to take part in elections, so we have enrolment update campaigns at regular intervals.  Everyone has to check and update, if necessary, any of their details so Registrars of Electors can include all the changes in the new electoral rolls.

This means you need to check and amend, if necessary, your enrolment details.  The Registrar of Electors makes it easy by sending a form to everyone on the old rolls.  Your enrolment update form will show your personal details as they're recorded.  There is space for you to make corrections if you need to. Then just sign and date the form and post it back in the reply envelope provided. If all your details are correct you do not need to respond and you will remain enrolled with the details shown on your enrolment update form.

What happens if I don't send back my enrolment update form?

You will remain on the roll with the same details as shown on the enrolment update form.

What if I receive an enrolment update form for someone no longer living at the address?

You should forward it to them at their new address or, if this is unknown, mark the envelope "return to sender" and simply send it back in the post (no stamp required).  It will be returned to the Registrar of Electors who will remove the person's name from the roll.

What if I don't get an enrolment update form?

It means you’re probably not enrolled at the right address, and must enrol again. Once your Registrar of Electors has received your completed enrolment form your name will appear on the electoral roll.

I haven't moved but I've been put in a different electorate. Why?

Each electorate must have roughly the same number of people in it.  But some areas can grow while others shrink and the boundary lines sometimes need adjusting.  Every five years, after the population census, the boundaries for all electorates are reviewed.  If there has been a large population shift in an electorate the boundaries may have to change to keep the electorates even to ensure that approximately the same number of people are in them.  These new boundaries are then used for the next two elections.

Are people who are in prison or psychiatric institutions entitled to enrol?

People who are in prison are not entitled to enrol while they are in prison. People who have been in a psychiatric hospital for more than three years after being charged with a criminal offence are also not eligible to enrol. Other psychiatric patients are entitled to enrol. Find out more about exclusion from enrolment.

Can one person enrol on behalf of another?

Anyone can fill in an enrolment form for another person, providing the applicant signs the form. There are also provisions for electors who are physically disabled or mentally unable to sign and for people who live overseas.

What about people who are unable to sign or complete an enrolment form?

If a person is overseas they can get someone else to sign the form. Find out more about enrolling from overseas.

If a person is physically unable to sign the form, any registered elector may sign for them. They must write on the form "Elector physically disabled - signed by their direction". People who hold a Power of Attorney must sign and state "Elector physically disabled - Power of Attorney".

If a person is regarded as mentally unable to complete an enrolment form, it can be completed for them by:

  • any registered elector, or
  • an appointed welfare guardian, or
  • an attorney appointed by that person.

A separate form must also be filled in stating why the enrolment form has been completed on behalf of the elector.

Both forms can be requested by emailing us at


Last updated: 26 February 2013