Using your Voting Paper

When you use your voting paper, you need to make two ticks.

Your party vote is for the party you prefer.  Vote for only ONE party.  Sample ballot paper

You vote by putting your tick in the circle AFTER the name of the party you choose.

Your electorate vote is for the candidate you would like to be your Member of Parliament. 

Vote for only ONE candidate.  You vote by putting your tick in the circle BEFORE the name of the candidate you choose.

If you only complete the party vote, or only complete the candidate vote, it will still count.

If you make a mistake when voting then return your spoiled paper to the issuing officer for a replacement.

See MMP Voting System for information about how your votes are counted, how your vote helps decide a party's share of the seats in Parliament, and how MPs are elected.




Last updated: 11 July 2017