About the Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission is an independent Crown entity responsible for the administration of parliamentary elections and referenda, the allocation of money for the broadcast of election programmes, conduct of the Māori Electoral Option, servicing the work of the Representation Commission, the provision of advice, reports and public education on electoral matters, and electoral enrolment services for both parliamentary and local elections. 

Electoral Commission National Office

For enquiries about voting, registering a political party or logo, standing as an electorate candidate, election day administration, and election results:
  • email enquiries@elections.govt.nz
  • phone +64 4 495 0030
  • postal address PO Box 3220, Wellington 6140
  • physical address 34-42 Manners St, Wellington

Registrars of Electors for each general electorate and Maori electorate compile and maintain the electoral roll for that electorate. They also work in their communities to encourage people to enrol and vote.


Formation of the Electoral Commission

A programme to establish a single electoral agency responsible for all aspects of parliamentary electoral administration was begun after the 2008 general election and was completed on 1 July 2012.

The amalgamation of the three former electoral agencies was implemented in two phases to minimise disruption to the delivery of electoral services to New Zealanders, including delivery of the 2011 General Election and Referendum.

Phase 1 consisted of amalgamating the former Electoral Commission and the Chief Electoral Office into the new Electoral Commission on 1 October 2010, in accordance with the Electoral (Administration) Amendment Act 2010.

Phase 2 involved transferring statutory responsibility for enrolment functions (governed by Part 5 of the Electoral Act 1993) from the Electoral Enrolment Centre of NZ Post Ltd to the Electoral Commission on 1 July 2012 in accordance with the Electoral (Administration) Amendment Act 2011.The Commission and NZ Post then entered into a contract for NZ Post Ltd to continue to deliver enrolment services under statutory delegation from the Commission.

In 2015 the Commission decided to more fully integrate enrolment and voting services, and that the best way of achieving this was to bring delivery of enrolment services in-house.  The transition of the enrolment services and staff to the Commission was completed on 1 July 2016.



Last updated: 18 May 2018