Christchurch East By-Election Timetable

There are a number of defined steps that need to take place for the Christchurch East by-election.



Monday 30 September Christchurch East electorate by-election date announced

Wednesday 30 October               

Writ Day

Governor General issues direction to the Electoral Commission to hold the Christchurch East by-election

Electoral Rolls closed for printing

Voters enrolled after this date must cast a special declaration vote

Thursday 31 October

Nominations open for candidates in the Christchurch East by-election

Tuesday 5 November-

Noon Deadline

Nominations close for candidates in the Christchurch East by- election

Tuesday - 5 November

4.00pm target

Christchurch East by-election candidates announced by the Electoral Commission

Voting place and advance voting place details available

Ballot Paper printing starts

Wednesday 13 November

Advance Voting starts

Wednesday 13 November

Overseas voting starts

Monday 18 November

Delivery of EasyVote packs to those enrolled in the Christchurch East electorate

Friday 29 November

Enrolments close

Friday 29 November

All political advertising ceases and election signs taken down by midnight

Saturday 30 November

Christchurch East By-election held

Polling places open from 9.00am to 7.00pm

Saturday 30 November

Preliminary Results progressively available from 7pm on Targets for release are:

by 7.30pm      all advance vote results

by 9.00pm      results from 50% of voting places

by 10.00pm   results from 100% of voting places

These are targets not guarantees.

Wednesday 11 December - noon target

Official Results declared (including special declaration and  overseas votes)

Monday 16 December

Deadline for applications for judicial recount.

Thursday 19 December

Last day for Return of Writ by Electoral Commission naming successful candidate (presuming no recount)

Friday 1 April 2014    

Deadline for Returns of Candidate Election Expenses and Donations to Electoral Commission


Last updated: 05 November 2013