Objections to the Proposed Boundaries

409 objections were received to the proposed electorate boundaries.  Over 1,700 people contributed through individual and form submissions and petitions.

The objections mainly focused on the inclusion of a particular community or geographic location in an electorate and electorate names.

An overview of the main issues raised by objectors is provided below for those electorates generating more than one objection.  A full summary of the objections to proposed electoral districts is available for download here (PDF 2.27 MB). Please note the contents of this summary of objections were amended on 17 January 2014. An erratum was distributed to all places of inspection where the public can also view the printed summary of objections booklet.


Auckland Region

Mt Roskill (128) - the majority of the objections (including two form submissions completed by several hundred individuals) opposed an area within the existing Epsom electorate moving into the Mt Roskill electorate, with support for maintaining the current boundary between the two electorates along Landscape Road and Selwyn Road.  Other objections for Mt Roskill opposed the splitting of an established community of interest in the Royal Oak area, which is in the existing Maungakiekie electorate.

Helensville (37) - objections mainly focused on the loss of Waitakere, and concerns about the inclusion of Huia and Laingholm and surrounding areas within a large electorate, representing mixed suburban, bush and farming interests.

Maungakiekie (24) - objections about the boundary with Tāmaki, with a number of objectors recommending that Mt Wellington should be kept with Stonefields.  Objectors also suggested placing Panmure with Tamaki in a single electorate.

Mt Albert (17) - objections were concerned with the splitting of Grey Lynn, which shares a community of interest with Auckland Central.

Kelston (16) - a number of objections focused on the inclusion of the Te Atatu South area and its strong community of interest with Te Atatū.  There were also objections about the inclusion of Waterview in Kelston.

Papakura (10) - eight submitters supported the inclusion of part of Redoubt Road in this electorate. 

Hunua (7) - included objections to proposed changes around the Flat Bush area and to the movement of Clarks Beach and Waiau Pa from the Papakura electorate.  Two objectors suggested the electorate be named ‘Franklin’.

Tāmaki (6) - objections were about the Stonefields area and where the boundary with Maungakiekie should be drawn.

New Lynn (6) - included a petition objecting to the transfer of an area from Mt Roskill to New Lynn and objections to changes that split the New Lynn community. 

Upper Harbour (5) - objections related to the areas included in this new electorate, the size of the electorate and the distinct communities of interests it will represent.

Te Atatū (2) - objections to the boundary running through the McLaren Park area.

Western Region

Taranaki-King Country (25) - the majority of the objections were to the inclusion of Temple View, which is currently in the Hamilton West electorate.  Other objections were to the geographical size and spread of the electorate and its name.

Hamilton West (10) - six submitters were in support of changes to the Hamilton West boundaries.  There were objections to Flagstaff being included in the electorate and to keeping the river as the boundary.

Waikato (2) - objections to the boundary with Hamilton East, with the suggestion it should follow the Waikato District Council and Hamilton City Council boundaries.

Whanganui (2) - objection to the inclusion of Stratford in Whanganui and suggested the electorate name should change to ‘Waitotara’.

Eastern Region

East Coast (9) - included objections to the inclusion of Maketu and the coastal belt in East Coast because of the distance and lack of community of interest with Gisborne.

Napier (6) - objectors did not want the boundary of the electorate to extend further northwards, including communities that have close connections with the East Coast. 

Bay of Plenty (5) - objectors suggested alternative configuration of the Bay of Plenty with the Tauranga electorate, with some submitters suggesting an east/west split of the electorates, and for the electorates to be renamed to better reflect their communities.

Rotorua (2) - objections to Oropi and surrounding areas being included in Rotorua instead of a Tauranga focused electorate.

Wellington/Rangitīkei Region

Rangitīkei (4) - objectors recommended keeping Shannon in the Ōtaki electorate because of its community links with that electorate.

Ōhariu (4) - included objections to Wadestown being moved into Ōhariu as its community of interest lies with Wellington Central.  It suggested the electorate be renamed ‘Wellington West’ or ‘Wellington North’.

Hutt South (4) - there was support for the inclusion of Maungaraki and Korokoro in the Hutt South electorate.  A different configuration of the two Hutt electorates around the Western Hills and Naenae was also recommended.

Rimutaka (3) - objections to the inclusion of Normandale in Rimutaka, as it is closely linked with Maungaraki and Korokoro in the proposed Hutt South electorate. 

South Island

Port Hills (19) - 11 objectors suggested the electorate should have a change of name to ‘Banks Peninsula’.  Some of the submitters were in support of the proposed boundary changes.  Objections, including a petition, to Halswell and the surrounding area moving into the electorate.

Christchurch Central (15) - a number of submitters, including a petition, objected to the proposed boundary, along the railway line, in the north of the electorate.  Their preference was for the boundary to run along Main North Road, to avoid splitting a community of interest around Casebrook.  A number of objectors suggested the electorate be renamed ‘Avon’ or Ōtākaro’.

Christchurch East (11) - most of the objections were to the inclusion of Mairehau and part of St Albans in the electorate, on the basis they had a west facing community of interest and no links with Christchurch East.  Included a petition from residents in the Bromley area who wished to stay in the Port Hills electorate because of their connection with Woolston.

Selwyn (10) - objections to the communities of Hornby, Islington and Hei Hei moving into Selwyn from Wigram, including a petition signed by 180 signatories.  There was also two objections about Rakaia moving into Selwyn from Rangitata.

Waimakariri (2) - objections were to the proposed boundary to the south and north of the electorate.

The following electorates received one objection each.  More information on each is available in the summary of objections.

General electorates: Northland, Rodney, East Coast Bays, Epsom, Manurewa, Manukau East, New Plymouth, Mana, Rongotai, Kaikōura, West Coast-Tasman, Rangitata and Invercargill.

Māori electorates: Te Tai Tokerau and Ikaroa-Rāwhiti.

Last updated: 12 September 2014