Proposed Māori electorate boundaries

The number of Māori electorates has remained at seven since 2002. 

In its deliberations on the Māori electorates the Commission is required by the Electoral Act 1993 to give due consideration to the following factors:

  • The existing boundaries of the Māori electoral districts;
  • Community of interest among the Māori people generally and members of Māori tribes;
  • Facilities of communications;
  • Topographical features; and
  • Any projected variation in the Māori electoral population of those districts during their life.

The Commission has balanced all the statutory criteria bearing in mind that for the Māori electorates community of interest among Māori people generally and members of Māori tribes is an additional factor to consider.  Most of the Māori electorates cover a large geographic area by comparison to the general electorates.  This is unavoidable given the present number of electorates.

The population data shows that the seven existing electorates are within quota and projected to remain so for the 2014 election.  The Commission proposed making no changes to the electorates.

View the existing and proposed electorate boundaries on the interactive map or download the proposed Māori electorate maps as a pdf below.

Last updated: 29 January 2014