Proposed North Island general electorate boundaries

In considering an overall strategy for the North Island, strong population increase in Auckland dictated the creation of one additional general electoral district there.

An analysis of population within current districts indicated that a number of electorates could be grouped together as part of the strategy to minimise change.  This strategy was adopted because of the Commission’s obligation to have regard to existing boundaries as one of the criteria to be applied in forming electoral districts.  The lines between these groupings were used to limit the cumulative effect of boundary adjustments.  The outer boundary of each group was considered as a control to prevent unnecessary change. 

The major groupings were as follows:

Group 1

Auckland region, being the area north of Waikato and Coromandel in the Western Central region up to and including Northland (24 electorates)

Group 2

the eight electorates in the Western Central region from Whanganui to Waikato, including Coromandel

Group 3

the seven electorates in the Eastern region from Wairarapa to Tauranga

Group 4

the nine electorates in the Wellington/Horowhenua/Rangitikei region

An overview of general reasons is provided at the beginning of each group

View the existing and proposed electorate boundaries on the interactive map or download the proposed North Island electorate maps as a pdf below.

Last updated: 29 January 2014