Proposed Auckland Region

Group 1 comprises the region north of Auckland Council boundary at Hunua including the electorates of Northland and Whangarei.  The Commission commenced its deliberations for this group in Northland and worked south. 

It retained as many segments of existing boundaries as possible.  Where changes were necessary the Commission has preferred ward boundaries or major roads.  As a result the Commission has made no changes to the electorates of Northland, Whangarei, North Shore and Northcote

Population changes have dictated the creation of an additional electorate in the north of Auckland.  The electorate of Upper Harbour is created from parts of existing East Coast Bays, Helensville, and Te Atatū.  The new electorate consists of two sections straddling the Upper Harbour and joined by the Upper Harbour motorway. 

In the west, the Helensville electorate has been extended to incorporate part of Rodney and the western rural areas of Waitakere and New LynnTe Atatū required change because of population growth in the electorates to the north.  The northern section is transferred to Upper Harbour, while it is extended in the west to include the urban area west of Henderson from Waitakere

A new electorate of Kelston has been created.  Its population is drawn from the existing populations of Te Atatū, Mt Albert, Waitakere and New Lynn.  Its boundaries include parts of Waterview, Avondale, Glendene, Sunnydale, Glen Eden and Kelston.  The existing electorate of Waitakere has been replaced as a result of the proposed boundary changes to Te Atatū and Helensville and the new Kelston electorate.  New Lynn has lost population to Helensville in the west and gained population from Mt Roskill in the east. The northern boundary with Kelston was set to obtain the required population in each.

In the south the Commission has made no changes to Manurewa, Māngere and Pakuranga.  The high growth occurs around Flat Bush and Chapel Downs areas which are currently in the Hunua electorate.  Hunua is significantly over tolerance.  It has lost population at the southern end to Waikato and population has been moved into Botany in the Flat Bush area.  The Papakura electorate is above quota.  Population has been moved into Hunua at Clarks Beach with a compensating movement into the electorate at the Alfriston Road area south of Clevedon.  The Commission has adjusted Manukau East, which is above quota, by moving population north into Maungakiekie at Westfield.

Auckland Central is hugely over quota and is projected to grow rapidly.  The Commission transferred the areas of Westmere and Grey Lynn to Mt AlbertMt Albert then required adjustment which was achieved by transferring areas around Rosebank Road and Waterview into the new Kelston electorate.  Population has been transferred into Mt Roskill from Epsom and Maungakiekie, which both needed to lose population.  The excess Mt Roskill population was then moved into New Lynn from the New Windsor area.  The Commission has moved population from Tāmaki into Maungakiekie as part of the general contraction of Auckland boundaries.

View the existing and proposed electorate boundaries on the interactive map or download the proposed North Island Group One electorate maps as a pdf below.

Last updated: 29 January 2014