Proposed South Island general electorate boundaries

The population data for the South Island has shown that seven electorates are within quota and do not require change.  The Commission has therefore proposed no changes to Nelson, Kaikōura, West Coast-Tasman, Ilam, Dunedin South, Clutha-Southland and Invercargill.

The Dunedin North electorate is under quota whilst the Waitaki electorate is well over quota.  The Commission was able to make the necessary adjustment by extending the Dunedin North electorate north to include Palmerston, Hampden and Herbert from Waitaki.

Rangitata is above the 5% quota threshold.  The Commission was accordingly required to adjust its boundaries.  It achieved this by moving population around the Raikaia township into the Selwyn electorate. 

The Commission considered the mid Canterbury and Christchurch electorates as a group.  The greater Christchurch area has experienced significant population movement caused by the Canterbury earthquakes.  The populations of Christchurch East, Christchurch Central and Port Hills have declined dramatically, whereas Waimakariri, Wigram and Selwyn have increased significantly.  The Commission’s approach has been to expand the three Christchurch electorates that have lost population  into Waimakariri in the north and Selwyn at Banks Peninsula in the south.

The Waimakariri electorate is 8% over quota and projected to grow rapidly.  The Commission moved population round Marshlands into Christchurch East and around Redwood into Christchurch Central. It made a minor adjustment with the Selwyn electorate around Johns Road and Wilkinson Road.

The Christchurch East electorate was 13,700 below quota.  It required significant expansion of territory to achieve the quota population.  The Commission added 11,100 from Christchurch Central at Mairehau, and 4,400 from Port Hills at Bromley with a small addition from Marshlands.

The existing electorate of Christchurch Central is 5,575 below quota.  Additional population has been lost with the changes to Christchurch East.  The Commission therefore added population of 7,700 from Waimakariri at Redwood and also a population of 10,300 in the flat area from neighbouring Port Hills to ensure the electorate met the quota.

The Port Hills electorate is well below quota and has had to lose large populations to the electorates of Christchurch East and Christchurch Central.  The Commission was able to meet the deficit by adding population from neighbouring Selwyn, which was well above quota and growing significantly.  Accordingly, all of Banks Peninsula and Halswell has been added to Port Hills.

Wigram is well above quota.  The Commission has moved population of 7,900 in the west at Hei Hei into Selwyn.  While Selwyn gained population from both Rangitata and Wigram there was a compensatory loss of population to Port Hills.

View the existing and proposed electorate boundaries on the interactive map or download the proposed South Island electorate maps as a pdf below.

Last updated: 29 January 2014