About the Māori Electoral Option

Te Kōwhiringa Pōti Māori 2018

He wā te Kōwhiringa Pōti Māori e kōwhiri ai tētahi nō ngā kāwai Māori kua rēhita ki te pōti ko tēhea te rārangi pōti mōna – te rārangi Whānui, te rārangi Māori rānei.

The Māori Electoral Option 2018

The Māori Electoral Option is a chance for anyone who is of Māori descent and who is enrolled to vote to choose which electoral roll they want to be on – the General roll or the Māori roll.

How to take part

The Māori Electoral Option is open from 3 April to 2 August 2018. If you're enrolled to vote – and you indicated you are of Māori descent when you enrolled – you'll be sent a Māori Electoral Option pack in the mail. Your pack should arrive in early April.

The pack will tell you whether you're on the Māori roll or the General roll, and will include information about how to make your choice.

If you're happy with the roll you're on you don't need to do anything.

If you don't receive a pack

If you don't receive a pack it could mean:

  • Your address is not up to date
  • You're not currently enrolled, or 
  • You didn't say you're of Māori descent when you enrolled.

You need to fill in a new enrolment form. You can make your choice and correct your details at the same time. You can also use an enrolment form to change rolls if you received a pack, but you don't have it any more.

You can ask for an enrolment form by calling 0800 36 76 56, or by texting your name and address to 3676.

More information

You can find more information on the Māori Electoral Option website, Facebook page, or by giving us a call.

Māori Electoral Option website

Last updated: 09 April 2018