Results of the Mt Albert By-election

2009 Mt Albert By-Election Official Results

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Candidate Party Vote
BAGNALL, Jim Independent 24
BAKER, Ari Independent 15
BOSCAWEN, John ACT New Zealand 968
BOYCE, Ben The Bill and Ben Party 158
DYER, Simonne Kiwi Party 91
FRANCE, Malcolm People Before Profit 13
GREEN, Dakta Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 92
KANE, Rusty The Peoples Choice Party 5
LEE, Melissa National Party 3,542
NORMAN, Russel Green Party 2,567
PISTORIUS, Julian Libertarianz 39
SHEARER, David Labour Party 13,260
TURNER, Judy United Future 89
VAN DEN HEUVEL, Anthony Joseph James Human Rights Party 13
WOOD, Jackson James Independent 9
Candidate Informals   58
TOTAL   20,943


Last updated: 26 September 2017