Advice and Guidance 2011 General Election

For the 2011 General Election, the Commission produced comprehensive guidance in handbook form on the rules that apply to candidates, parties, third parties, MPs and media.

The handbooks covered matters such as nominations, scrutineers, campaigning, election expenses and donations, referendum advertising and expenses, election day, general election and referendum results, judicial recounts and petitions.

The publications are available for download below are:

  • Candidate Handbook - 2011 General Election
  • Candidate Handbook - 2011 General Election Te Reo Māori
  • Party Secretary Handbook – 2011 General Election and Referendum
  • Third Party Handbook – 2011 General Election and Referendum
  • Media Handbook – 2011 General Election and Referendum
  • Guidance for MPs - Election Advertising Rules

New election advertising rules: Advisory opinions

As a result of a law change, from 1 January 2011, the Commission is required to provide advisory opinions on whether any particular advertisement referred to it, is an ‘election advertisement’ for the purposes of the Electoral Act (section 204I of the Act).

The Commission received 718 requests for advisory opinions for the 2011 General Election. These covered 1099 separate advertisements including broadcasts, signage, newspaper advertisements, stationery, flyers, publications, telephone scripts, and websites.

You can request a copy of the advisory opinions issued by contacting the Electoral Commission.

Last updated: 17 December 2012