Third Party Returns 2011 General Election

Registered promoter expense returns for the 2011 general election and referendum were due on Monday 26 March 2011. 

Only registered promoters who spent more than $100,000 on election or referendum expenses during the regulated period (which started on 26 August and ended on 25 November 2011) were required to file a return.

Copies of the returns are available for download below. The returns are also available for inspection at the Electoral Commission's offices, Level 10, 34-42 Manners Street, Wellington, between 9am and 5pm on weekdays.
Guidance provided to third parties on election expenses and referendum expenses can be found here.  Registered promoters are not required to have their expense returns audited unless the Commission has reasonable grounds to believe that a return may contain any false or misleading information. Registered promoters do not have to file a donations return.
Contact information for all registered promoters for the 2011 general election and referendum is available in the Register of Promoters here.
The table below lists the registered promoters that have provided returns. The table advises the date each return was received and the total amount spent on election or referendum advertising during the regulated period for the 2011 general election and referendum. 
Registered Promoter
Date return received
Election Expense
Referendum Expense
Campaign for MMP Incorporated
New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI)
The New Zealand Public Services Association (PSA)
Vote for Change Society Incorporated


Last updated: 24 April 2014