Electoral Enrolment Centre Report on the 2011 General Election

The full report is available for download under the Executive Summary below:


1.1        The Electoral Enrolment Centre (EEC) of New Zealand Post Ltd met or exceeded all outputs and targets for its responsibilities in relation to the 2011 General Election and Referendum.  This was an excellent result in an operating environment which proved difficult to gain public awareness, interest, urgency and momentum about the election and the need to enrol.

1.2        The number and percent enrolled against the estimated eligible voting population and the percentage of people enrolled at the correct address were:

Activity 2011 Target 2011 Result
% eligible enrolled 93.5% to 95.5% 93.7%
% enrolled at correct address 93.0% to 96.0% 96.4%

1.3        The enrolment inquiry phase of the campaign, which commenced on 30 May 2011, resulted in 159,272 (5.4%) electors updating their enrolment details; 64,962 electors provided a change of residential address and 67,584 (2.3%) previously enrolled electors were placed on the dormant roll as they had changed address and not re- enrolled.

1.4        A record number of identified Māori enrolments were achieved with 421,708 electors being on the Māori and General Rolls by Election Day.  The Māori Rolls totalled 233,100.

1.5        Enrolment for people with an overseas mailing address as at Election Day was 52,166.

1.6        Technology driven solutions for people to the check their enrolment details and to obtain an enrolment form continued to grow in popularity.  71,718 people requested an enrolment form via our freetext service and 484,149 people made an online enrolment search with 189,092 people continuing with an online enrolment transaction.  Following the online transaction the applicant would either submit the form for us to print and send it to them for signing and return or download and print it themselves for signing and return.  Forms could be returned by post, facsimile or scanned and emailed.

1.7        An extensive multi-media/lingual/channel communications and public relations programme that incorporated ‘Mainstream’, ‘Māori’, ‘Pacific’, ‘Asian’, ‘Other Ethnic’,

‘New Migrant’ and ‘Youth’ strategies was conducted to build knowledge, awareness and to encourage enrolment.   In addition to the traditional media channels youth were engaged via social media networks, on radio stations they listen to and TV channels they watch.  We also used people they trust or admire, such as, peers, media presenters and music personalities to deliver the message of why they personally think voting is important, in their own style.  Enrolment applications were provided on websites frequently visited by youth.

1.8        While campaign advertising and public relations activities have continued to guarantee widespread coverage and knowledge about the election and the need to enrol, the work Registrars of Electors, their staff and fieldworkers do in the community adds value by offering a face to face information and enrolment service.

88,381 enrolment forms from people who were not enrolled, or from electors updating their enrolment details, were received via our community outreach programme.

1.9        The accuracy of the roll was further reinforced with only 19,366 (0.6%) of EasyVote packs being returned as ‘Gone No Address’ or similar.

1.10      Following the election, Returning Officers referred 96,743 Special Vote Declarations to Registrars of Electors for checking of the voters’ enrolment status.  These were electronically processed within the timeframes set.

1.11      The final result of 3,070,847 electors being enrolled was a New Zealand record numerically and when calculated on the percent enrolled against the eligible voting population it places New Zealand amongst the world leaders in electoral enrolment administration.  The following graph refers:


enrolment graph.png

Last updated: 27 November 2012