About the 2011 Referendum on the Voting System

In the Referendum, voters were asked two questions:

  • The first question asked: Should New Zealand keep the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system? 
  • The second question asked: If New Zealand were to change to another voting system, which voting system would you choose?

The four alternative voting systems voters chose from from were:

What was the result?

In Part A, 56.17% of voters chose to keep MMP, while 41.06% of voters wanted to change the voting system.
In Part B, more voters chose First Past the Post than the other voting systems. View more results.

What happened as a result?

Because over half of voters opted to keep MMP, there was an independent review of MMP in 2012 to recommend any changes that should be made to the way it works. The Electoral Commission conducted the review, which included public consultation. Read more about the MMP Review here.


Last updated: 13 October 2017