The Results of the MMP Review

The Electoral Commission conducted a review of MMP from February to October 2012.

During this time, it released discussion papers for public comment. As a result of this and advice received, a Final Report (PDF 2.63 MB) was completed in October 2012 and presented to the Minister of Justice.

The Commission released a Consultation Paper (PDF 1.51 MB) in February 2012 and invited public comment.

After having considered all the submissions and advice received, the Commission released a Proposals Paper (PDF 1008.83 KB) in August 2012 and again requested public input on its proposed changes to MMP.

The Commission presented its final report to the Minister of Justice on 29 October 2012 with the following recommendations:

  • The one electorate seat threshold should be abolished (and if it is, the provision for overhang seats should also be abolished);
  • The party vote threshold should be lowered from 5% to 4% (with the Commission required by law to review how the 4% threshold is working);
  • Consideration be given to fixing the ratio of electorate seats to list seats at 60:40 to address concerns about declining proportionality and diversity of representation;
  • Political parties should continue to  have responsibility for selecting and ranking candidates on their party lists but they must make a statutory declaration that they have done so in accordance with their party rules;
  • MPs should continue to be allowed to be dual candidates and list MPs to stand in by-elections.

It is now up to Parliament to decide what to do with the Commission’s recommendations.

Last updated: 17 December 2012