What people said on the MMP Review

The Commission undertook two rounds of public consultation. The first (February to May) asked for comment on changes to MMP and the second (in August and September) for comments on the Commission's proposed changes.

Over 4,600 submissions were received during the first consultation round and public hearings were held in Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, and Wellington to hear from those people who wanted to present their submissions in person.

Drawing on the information and material presented in these submissions and from advice received, the Commission developed a number of proposals. These were released as a Proposals Paper (PDF 1008.83 KB) on 13 August, with an invitation to the public to again provide written comments. Over 1,000 submissions were received on the Proposals Paper.

Download and read what people said below. You can view full submissions online here.  You can also read what people said at the public hearings.

Download and read what the parties represented in Parliament in 2012 said below.

Last updated: 03 February 2014