2012 MMP Review

In 2012 New Zealanders had the opportunity to say what changes they wanted to see on how MMP works.

The MMP Review came out of the 2011 Referendum on the Voting System, when the majority of voters chose to keep MMP as our voting system. This triggered an independent review of MMP conducted by the Electoral Commission.


  • The Results of the MMP Review

    The Electoral Commission conducted a review of MMP in 2012 and from this and advice received presented a Final Report with recommendations for change to the Minister of Justice on 29 October 2012.

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  • The MMP Review Issues

    The Commission was required to review a number of issues but was able to consider other issues as long as they related directly to MMP.

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  • What people said on the MMP Review

    The Commission undertook two rounds of public consultation. The first asked for comment on changes to MMP and the second for comments on the Commission's proposed changes.

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