Part 5: MPs and Parliamentary Service funding

Parliamentary Service funding cannot be used to fund election advertisements published during the regulated period for the general election (23 June to 22 September 2017).

The Parliamentary Service Act 2000 restricts the use of parliamentary funding in the run up to an election.

Outside the regulated period, Parliamentary Service funding is available for MP communications as long as they have a parliamentary purpose and do not ask for money, votes, or party membership.

Parliamentary Service funding is not available for any communication that is an election advertisement published during the regulated period as defined in the Electoral Act.

Outside the regulated period, even if publicity is funded by the Parliamentary Service, MPs still need to consider the promoter statement and authorisation requirements of the Electoral Act. This is because the definition of election advertisement is wider than explicitly calling for votes, membership or donations.

Where an item is published both before and during the regulated period, or will continue to be published during the regulated period, the costs will need to be apportioned, so that the Parliamentary Service only funds election advertising up until the beginning of the regulated period.

As part of the pre-approval process for parliamentary funding, the Parliamentary Service may require that you seek an advisory opinion from the Electoral Commission. More information on the funding of MPs publicity and the pre-approval process is available from the Parliamentary Service.

Last updated: 29 March 2017