Part 7: Election day

This section provides guidance about the election day rules and MP material that continues to be displayed on election day.

No campaigning on election day

MPs who are standing for re-election need to ensure that they comply with the election day rules, that prohibit campaign activities on election day before the close of the polls.

There are detailed rules in the Candidate Handbook- General Election 2017 about election day. The following are some specific matters affecting MPs.

MP office signage

MPs’ fixed electorate office signage may remain up on election day provided it does not relate specifically to the election. This exception does not apply to signage on mobile headquarters, i.e. signage on vehicles.

Vehicle signage

It is an offence to exhibit any party name, emblem, slogan or logo on a vehicle on election day.

MP sign-written vehicles that include a candidate or party name, emblem, slogan or logo should not be displayed on election day. Our advice is to garage or cover sign written vehicles on election day.

Vehicles with bumper stickers promoting a candidate or party should also be kept out of public view. Flags with a party emblem, slogan or logo should not be displayed.

Social media and websites

Election material does not have to be removed from your website on election day, so long as the material on the site was published before election day, is only made available to people who voluntarily access it and the site is not advertised on election day.

If you use social media be careful about any posts on election day before 7pm that could breach the election day rules.

We recommend that you temporarily deactivate your campaign page on Facebook, to avoid the risk of supporters committing an offence by sharing content or posting on your page.

For other forms of social media where people can post comments, the Commission recommends you change the settings, where possible, so that people cannot post messages on election day before 7pm that could breach the rules.

Posts on social media that are not connected in any way with the election can of course be posted on election day.

Last updated: 29 March 2017