29 August 2014 Variation Broadcasting Allocation Decision Released

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The Electoral Commission has released a variation decision on the amount of time and money allocated to political parties for the broadcasting of election programmes for the 2014 General Election.

By noon on 26 August 2014, the Alliance, a party which received allocations of time and money in the original 6 June broadcasting allocation decision, had not submitted a party list for the General Election.  As a result, the Alliance became ineligible for an allocation of time and money.  This resulted in the $34,357 and I minute (closing address) previously allocated to the Alliance being available for reallocation.

In addition, the Expatriate Party of New Zealand and Truth, Freedom, Justice remain ineligible for an allocation of time as they were not registered by 14 August 2014 which means a further two minutes for closing addresses are available for reallocation.

The Commission’s decision is available online here [PDF 415.29KB]and is summarised below.  

Variation of Broadcasting Allocation Decision for the 2014 General Election


Monetary allocation (incl of GST)

Allocation of time for closing addresses (in minutes and seconds)


The New Zealand National Party (National Party)



The New Zealand Labour Party (Labour Party)



The Green Party of Aotearoa/New Zealand (Green Party)



New Zealand First (NZ First)



Māori Party



ACT New Zealand (ACT Party)



Internet Party and MANA  Movement (Internet MANA)2    



United Future New Zealand (United Future)



New Zealand Independent Coalition (NZIC)



Conservative Party of New Zealand (Conservative Party)



Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party (ALCP)



The Civilian Party (Civilian)



Focus New Zealand (Focus NZ)



The New Zealand Democratic Party for Social Credit (Democrats for Social Credit)



Radio New Zealand (RNZ)3 



Total allocated


60 minutes

Total available


60 minutes


The Commission may vary the allocation decision under certain circumstances provided for in the Broadcasting Act 1989, including, for example, if the relationship of a party with any other party has changed to a significant extent.  

More information about the broadcasting allocation process is available here.

The Electoral Commission's full variation written decision of 29 August, 20 August and its original 6 June 2014 decision are available for download here