2017 Broadcast Allocation Timetable



Broadcasting Allocation Process



Confirmation from the Minister of Justice of the amount available for the broadcast allocation.


2 Feb 2017

The Electoral Commission, by Gazette notice, invites political parties that consider themselves eligible for an allocation to notify the Commission by 3 March. Information published on the Elections NZ website and parties advised.

3 March

5:00pm deadline for parties to notify eligibility to the Commission.

6 March

Parties that have given notice of their eligibility are advised in writing of the total time available for addresses and funds available for advertising (if known), and invited to make party submissions on how allocation should be made.


24 March

5:00pm deadline for receipt of written party submissions.

5-7 April  

Oral submissions to the Commission by parties who wish to speak in support of their written submissions.

21 April

Commission meeting decides proposed allocation.


26 May

Allocation decision published on website and advised to parties, Secretary for Justice, TVNZ and Radio NZ.

After Dissolution (22 August)

Commission may vary allocation due to, for example, party failure to register.

Writ Day

(23 August)

Parties may begin using their allocations provided they meet any conditions set.


Nomination Day

(29 August)

Commission meeting to decide any final variation to allocation due to, for example, party failure to register or nominate a party list. Decision published on website and advised to parties, TVNZ and Radio NZ.


11 December

Party invoices re broadcasting allocation due within 50 working days of the end of the month of the election. 

Last updated: 26 May 2017