Annual Section 71A Declaration

What is a section 71A declaration?

A required annual statutory declaration to the Electoral Commission that the registered political party:

  • is intending to contest general elections, and
  • has at least 500 current financial members who are eligible to enrol as electors.

Who has to make the declaration?

The secretary of each registered political party.

When must the declaration be received?

The declaration must be received by the Commission by 30 April each year.

What must be included?

Statements that the party intends at general elections to submit a party list, stand candidates for one or more electorates, or both; and whether the party has at least 500 current financial members eligible to enrol as electors. 

Templates of acceptable wording for optional use by party secretaries are provided in the Downloads box below.  (The first one is for completing electronically and the second is more appropriate if you wish to complete by hand).

What happens if the declaration is not received or does not state that the party has at least 500 current financial members?

If a satisfactory declaration is not received then the Electoral Commission may commence action to cancel the party's registration.


Last updated: 19 February 2013