Donations Protected from Disclosure

A donation protected from disclosure is a mechanism for any person who wants to make a donation of more than $1,500 to a registered political party and does not want their identity to be disclosed to either the public or to the party receiving the donation.

The Electoral Commission puts your donation together with others and passes it to the party at regular intervals without identifying the value of individual donations, or the number or names of donors involved.

A form for making a donation protected from disclosure is provided as a PDF at the bottom of this page.


Please note that:

  • the maximum amount that an individual or body can donate to any one political party through this process is $46,141.50 between two successive elections (but you may donate to more than one party in this way, and up to a $46,141.50 limit for each)
  • no political party may receive more than $307,610 from donations protected from disclosure between two successive elections.

If a donation or contribution takes an individual or party over their limit then the Electoral Commission will return the excess.


It is an offence under the Electoral Act 1993 to tell a party or anyone else that you intend to, or have made, a donation or to provide such information that may allow them to deduce that you intend to, or have made, a donation.

Offence provisions also apply to people permitted to know this information. The only people permitted to know this information are:

  • a member or employee or other person engaged by the Electoral Commission
  • any officer, employee, relative, adviser, or agent of the donor or contributor
  • any other person to whom the identifying details must be supplied to enable the donation to be made (eg, an employee of a bank who processes a cheque by which the donation is made)
  • any person to whom the identifying details must be supplied to comply with one or more of the Inland Revenue Acts (within the meaning of section 3(1) of the Tax Administration Act 1994)
  • the Auditor-General
  • any other person entitled to the information in question in accordance with any search warrant, summons, or any process under rules of Court, or in the course of any proceedings.

The details of those who make a donation protected from disclosure, including all contributions to a donation, cannot be supplied under the Official Information Act 1982.


Last updated: 30 January 2019