Donations Exceeding $30,000

A return must be filed by a party secretary with the Electoral Commission within 10 working days of receipt whenever a party receives a donation that:

  • exceeds $30,000, or
  • when added to all the donations received from the same donor in the preceding 12 months exceeds $30,000.

The return should be filed using the prescribed form setting out the name and address of the donor, the amount and date of the donation together with details of the amounts and dates of all previous donations received from that donor. Returns of party donations exceeding $30,000 are available here.

This form must be:

  • Used for every party donation exceeding $30,000.
  • Used for every donor who, with a recent donation and others made in the preceding 12 months, has given more than $30,000 in aggregate.
  • Completed by the party secretary.
  • Received by the Electoral Commission within 10 working days of the (last) donation being received by the party secretary.

Please note that:

  • ‘Over $30,000’ means $30,000.01 or more.
  • GST, where relevant, counts towards a donation value.
  • Aggregation for the purpose of a future section 210C return restarts at $0 for the donor named in this return.
  • The donation(s) disclosed on this form must also be considered for inclusion in the party’s section 210 annual return of donations.
  • If a donation includes a contribution of more than $30,000 from the same contributor the amount and name and address of the contributor must also be disclosed.

A form for making an immediate return of a donation over $30,000 is provided as a PDF at the bottom of this page. This form should be returned to the Electoral Commission by the party's secretary within 10 working days of receiving a donation (or aggregated donation) exceeding $30,000.

Prior to 1 January 2011, donations over $20,000 needed to be filed with the Electoral Commission within 10 working days. Past information is available here.


Last updated: 29 March 2017