Third Parties

Third parties are individuals or groups (other than candidates and parties or persons involved in the affairs of a candidate or party) who are interested in being part of the electoral process and want to promote political events, parties or candidates.

Any individual or group who spends, or intends to spend, over $13,000 (including GST) on election advertising during the regulated period for the 2020 General Election must register with the Electoral Commission.

The promoter’s name and address as shown on the register must appear on any election advertisements published by the promoter.

A person who simply publishes an election advertisement on behalf of the person or group that has initiated the advertisement is not a promoter.

A registered promoter’s election expenses during the regulated period for the 2020 General Election must not exceed $325,000 (including GST). It is a serious offence to spend more than this. An unregistered promoter’s advertising expenses must not exceed $13,000 (including GST).

Detailed information about registration, donations and expenses for third parties can be found in the Third Party Handbook.

Register of Promoters 2020 General Election.

Last updated: 09 July 2018