Electoral Rolls and Enrolment Data

The electoral rolls are public registers created under the Electoral Act 1993.  The roll for each parliamentary district (electorate) contains the names of persons who are registered to vote in the electorate, addresses and occupations (if specified).  Each roll is arranged alphabetically by surname.  The Electoral Commission is also required to produce a habitation index for each electorate, which contains residential addresses and the names of registered electors of that electorate arranged alphabetically by residential address.

The rolls and habitation indexes do not contain any information about individuals who are on the unpublished roll on personal safety grounds.  Information about the unpublished roll is available here.

The electoral roll and habitation index for your parliamentary electorate is available for public inspection at your local Registrar of Electors office.  You are also able to inspect the master roll for the electorate at the Registrar’s office, which is a record of the registered electors who voted in the electorate at the last general election.

The electoral rolls for local authority electoral districts are available from the Electoral Officer for each local authority. They are not available from the Electoral Commission. Local Government New Zealand provides a list of contact details for each Electoral Officer on their website here

In recognition of the fact enrolment is compulsory the Electoral Act contains very detailed provisions regulating the persons and organisations that the Electoral Commission is lawfully able to disclose information in electronic format from the electoral rolls, the permitted purposes and the information that can be made available.  

Under section 112 to 114 of the Act, provision is specifically made for the supply of information to:

  • designated state sector organisations for research purposes that relate to human health or a scientific matter;
  • local authorities for local body elections; and
  • candidates, parties and Members of Parliament.

More information about the supply of electoral information for research purposes under section 112 of the Electoral Act is available here.

Any queries about the supply of enrolment information to local authorities or candidates, parties or MPs should be directed to data@elections.govt.nz or the Data Co-ordinator on (04) 495 0030.

Last updated: 29 March 2018