Votes for Women Teaching Resource

This teaching resource makes the connection between the suffragists’ achievement in 1893, and voter engagement and participation today.

On 19 September 1893, after a long campaign led by Kate Sheppard and others, changes to the Electoral Act were signed into law and New Zealand became the first country in the world where all adults, including women, had the right to vote in cover_for_link_0.pngparliamentary elections.

The Your Voice, Your Choice: Votes for Women teaching resource provides a range of activities designed to develop students’ understanding of the suffragists’ achievement 125 years ago and to encourage voter participation today. The focus of the resource is on the right to participate and engage in the democratic process.

Votes for Women is aligned with the values and key competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum. The resource is aimed at level 4 of the curriculum. However, you are encouraged to adapt the activities to meet the specific needs and experiences of your students.

Votes for Women is designed as a stand-alone resource, but it can also sit alongside our Your Voice, Your Choice teaching units.

Watch videos celebrating the right to vote in New Zealand here.

Download your free copy below.

Last updated: 05 October 2018