Guide to Enrolling Online

Enrolling to vote is easy using our online services, and can be done in one of two ways:

Do it

Complete form online, sign and return

Use this option if you want to sign and return a form or don't have a verified RealMe® account.


  •  Fill out the online enrolment form with your personal details. You can choose to receive your completed form via download, email, or in the post.
  •  Check and sign the form.
  •  Return your enrolment form by scanning and uploading to our website OR by Freepost in the mail.
  • Note: When enrolling you can choose to register for electronic updates to your enrolment details.


Use your verified RealMe® account

If you have a verified RealMe account you can complete the enrolment process online.


  •  Choose 'Prove my identity' with RealMe, and log into your account.
  •  Complete the enrolment form, and check your details are correct.
  •  Submit your enrolment - the Electoral Commission will send you written confirmation of your enrolment in the post.

What is RealMe?

Find out about using RealMe to enrol and to update your enrolment details online.

Last updated: 30 June 2014