Guide to Registering for Electronic Updates

There are two ways you can register for electronic updates to your enrolment details. Once you have completed either registration process, you can click 'Login' any time you need to check or update your enrolment details.

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Consent to Electronic Updates on an enrolment form

This option will allow you to create a RealMe® login if you do not already have one, otherwise you can use your existing RealMe login.


  •  When enrolling or updating enrolment details choose the Sign and return a form option. On the enrolment form, in the Electronic Updates section, mark the box to opt in for electronic updates, and provide your email address.
  •   After a Registrar of Electors has processed your enrolment form, a confirmation of enrolment will be sent to you by post, which contains a verification code. Enter the code at
  •  Once you have entered your code, you will be emailed a verification link. If you already have a RealMe login, you can login as normal. If you do not have a RealMe account, follow the instructions to create one.

Do it

Register your verified RealMe® account

If you already have a verified RealMe account, which involves visiting a PostShop with ID,
and having your photo taken, you can register for electronic updates fully online.


  •  Locate your enrolment details by entering your fullname, date of birth, and address in the search form.
  •  Choose 'Prove my identity' with RealMe, and log into your account.
  •  Once you have successfully logged in, you will be redirected to the Electoral Commission's website. Simply enter your details onto the enrolment form, and submit. You are all done!
  • Please note: if you have previously enrolled using your verified RealMe account, you are already registered for electronic updates and do not need to do anything further.

What is RealMe?

Find out about using RealMe to enrol and to update your enrolment details online.

Last updated: 10 April 2015