Concerned about your personal safety?

Not everyone feels safe enough to have their details publicly available on the electoral roll, but that doesn’t mean they need to lose the right to vote.

If you are eligible to enrol but believe that having your details recorded on the published electoral roll could threaten your personal safety, or that of your family, you may request to go on the confidential unpublished roll.

Your enrolment details will be held securely by the Electoral Commission and not released to anyone.

How to go on the unpublished roll.

To apply to go on the unpublished roll fill in and return the form from the bottom of this page. If you are not currently enrolled, you will also need to complete an enrolment form. To get enrolment forms or additional application forms, you can:

  • Download forms at, or
  • Call 0800 36 76 56 and we will post the forms to you in the mail.

What supporting information do I need to provide?

You will need to provide supporting information to show why you need to register on the unpublished roll. Examples of the type of information to include:

  • A letter from your employer, your lawyer, your social worker, your advocate or someone of standing in the community explaining why your work or personal circumstances place you at risk, or
  • A copy of a protection order that is in force under the Domestic Violence Act 1995, or
  • A copy of a restraining order that is in force under the Harassment Act 1997, or
  • Information from a Police officer or Corrections officer explaining why your personal safety, or that of your family, could be prejudiced by the publication of your name and address.

What if my personal details change?

You’ll need to let us know if any of your enrolment details change, such as your name or address. You can also ask to go back on the printed roll if your personal circumstances change.

Contact your local Registrar of Electors to update your details. Their contact details are available here or by calling 0800 36 76 56.

How do I vote when I’m on the unpublished roll?

You can vote at any voting place in a general election or by-election. You will need to cast a special vote because your details won’t be included in the printed electoral roll used to issue votes at the voting place.

You’ll need to fill in an extra form with your voting paper to confirm the electorate where you’re enrolled to vote. You do not need to complete the address or previous name information on the form if you do not want to. The more information you can provide the more it will help us to confirm your eligibility to vote.

There will be someone at the voting place to show you what to do and where to go.

To vote in local elections, you will need to ask the electoral officer at your local Council to send you voting papers.


Last updated: 04 August 2017