Voting in an Election

Voting in a General Election begins two weeks before Election Day. You can vote whenever is convenient for you.

To be eligible to vote in an election, you need to be enrolled by the Friday before Election Day.

    How to vote


    Enrol, Check or Update Now!

    The easiest way to vote is to go to a voting place in your electorate during the voting period. There’ll be someone there to show you where to go and what to do. However if you can't get to a voting place, there are other options available to you.

    Can't get to a voting place?

    Information about where, when and how to vote is available closer to election day for any general election or by-election. This information will also be in your EasyVote information pack, which you will receive about a week before election day, or on freephone 0800 36 76 56.

    If you have an EasyVote card take it with you when you go to vote and give it to the person issuing your voting paper. It will help them find you on the electoral roll. They’ll ask you your name and address then give you a voting paper. If you don’t have an EasyVote card, you will need to give the person issuing your vote your full name and address.

    EasyVote cards make it easy

    If your name isn’t on the printed roll at the voting place, you’ll need to fill in an extra form.

    Reasons your name might not be on the printed roll:

    • You’re not enrolled
    • You enrolled after the roll for election day was printed
    • You’re enrolled in a different electorate
    • You’re on the unpublished roll

    Using the Ballot Paper

    Your vote will be valid whether you vote for both a candidate and a party, or if you vote for only one or the other.

    To vote, take your voting paper to a voting screen, and mark your choices on it with the pen provided.

    If you need help to read or mark your voting paper, a friend, family member or an electoral official can help. That person can go to the voting screen with you, and can read out the words and information on the voting paper. They can also mark the voting paper according to your instructions – but they can’t tell you who to vote for.

    Once you’ve made your choice, fold your voting paper and put it into the ballot box – making sure you put it in the correct ballot box for your electorate.

    How long does it take to vote?


    Last updated: 26 September 2017

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