EasyVote Cards make it easy

The EasyVote card is designed to make voting easier. It shows where your name is on the printed electoral roll and makes it quicker and easier for voting place staff to issue ballot papers.

Your EasyVote information pack from the Electoral Commission contains essential information to make voting easier on the day. The pack includes your EasyVote card, details of where and when you can vote, electorate candidates, party lists and a reminder of how to vote under MMP.

You'll only get an EasyVote pack if you're fully enrolled about a month before election day. Why wait? Enrol, Check or Update Now!

The EasyVote card is not an ID card. You don't need ID to vote. You can still vote without the card, but it may take longer.


You can make voting even easier by voting at a voting place close to home.  A list of the voting places in your electorate will be in your EasyVote pack.  Voting places are usually busiest between 9am and 11am on election day.

Your Easyvote card looks like this:

Front of EasyVote card       Back of EasyVote card

Take your card with you when you go to vote. Once you get to a voting place, hand your EasyVote card to the issuing officer.

The numbers on the card are the page and line number of the electoral roll where your name is. They are there to help the electoral staff find your name on the roll quickly.

After the election, all EasyVote cards are securely disposed of.

Completed ballot papers are kept separate from used EasyVote cards, and the cards are destroyed after the election. The information on the card is designed to make it quicker and easier for voting place staff to issue you with your ballot paper. It is not used for any other reason.

If you do not enrol to vote by writ day you may receive a letter from the Electoral Commission with your EasyVote information pack instead of an Easyvote card.  The letter advises that you will need to cast a special declaration vote as your name does not appear on the printed electoral roll.

Last updated: 26 September 2017