Report of The Royal Commission on the Electoral System 1986

The Report of the Royal Commission on the Electoral System which first recommended New Zealand adopt the Mixed Member Proportional voting system was submitted to the Governor-General on 11 December 1986.

The report itself can be downloaded in sections by clicking on the PDF files next to major headings.  These are scans of the final report pages, and the quality is therefore inconsistent.

Section of the Report PDF Link
Contents Royal Commission Report Contents.pdf (PDF 783.73 KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 1 preface and introduction.pdf (PDF 276.98 KB)
Chapter 2: The voting system Chapter 2 the voting system.pdf (PDF 2.44 MB)
Chapter 3: Maori representation Chapter 3 maori representation.pdf (PDF 1.29 MB)
Chapter 4: The number of members of Parliament Chapter 4 number of mps.pdf (PDF 499.35 KB)
Chapter 5: Boundary determination Chapter 5 boundary determination.pdf (PDF 854.78 KB)
Chapter 6: The term of Parliament Chapter 6 the term of parliament.pdf (PDF 471.93 KB)
Chapter 7: The use of referenda Chapter 7 the use of referenda.pdf (PDF 533.39 KB)
Chapter 8: Political finance Chapter 8 political finance.pdf (PDF 1.76 MB)
Chapter 9: Administration of the system and miscellaneous matters Chapter 9 administration of the system.pdf (PDF 6.52 MB)

appendix a.pdf (PDF 3.59 MB)

appendix b.pdf (PDF 4.02 MB)

appendices c and d.pdf (PDF 282.71 KB)


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